Simple. Cool. Clean. Grey. Flooring.

Simple. Cool. Clean. Grey. Flooring.
1-unit loading grey - hardWear finish

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Can you refer anyone near __________

Probably not. I have not met 6 other people in my industry that were truly driven to make the most durable, aesthetically timeless surfaces possible. There are better people than me in this game, but not many that care about the net impact of our work. Different ethos over time leads to wildly different practices.  So we have been intensely focused on the inside - working daily on The Way We Do Stuff - trying to make this thing scalable.  Still not there. Some days, I feel so far away it is almost hopeless.

If you feel the weight of the world, drive hard, and sometimes wonder about your drive you are not alone. You should not necessarily stop, though. There seems to be something in that striving. Maybe it is chasing after the wind. Maybe it is right as rain. For a minute I doubted, but I am back on my grind. I still push. I still drive. I still fight to make something that will make the built environment and the builders of it better. I hope you do the same.